My relationship

There were so many circumstances surrounding our relationship, we had lots of issues, we fought a lot and settled most of the time. We were happy together. Loved each other and played alot. In the other room, we were the perfect match. It was always magical, it was always Smokey and unforgettable. She gave me my best ever and most valued birthday gift. She meant everything to me even though I hardly showed it and i had plans to give her the best relationship any woman could ever desire (happiness). All I asked of her was a sacrifice for me but just like the previous times of me asking I was rather sacrificed by her for her desires. There was an event coming up that she ones participated in. Initially she had no interest in contesting a second time. Even her mum encouraged her to but she told her mum she wasn't interested. She was persuaded by her colleagues to participate, even her direct boss did but she turned them down. She told me about it and I was glad she turned them down and also said to her that I don't want her participating in such competitions, as long as I am still in a relationship and in same place with her she must do whatever I want. And she answered me with a big "yes daddy i dont have any interest in participating i already told you before now". We both smiled about it and that day passed. Two days later my girlfriend called me to say she had something to tell me the previous day but my schedule was tight. She said I won't believe what happened to her, that two of her senior bosses, one was directly involved with organizing the event and the other partially, told her they already included her name in the contest that she should get prepared. She agreed got home that day, and told her mum to design a dress for her that she is participating in the event. Without even seeking my consent she did all of these and fully made up her mind all Of a sudden. Hearing this I obviously objected not realising she already decided to contest after her male bosses met with her. This kept me wondering if there was something going on secretly that I didn't know of because the change was too sudden coupled with the fact that she didn't even bother discussing with me before making up her mind. Even with my threats of ending our relationship she didn't give a damn. She later explained to me her parents wants her to contest because she is very good at contesting in competitions and that her mum already went through stress designing her dress for the contest. That I should understand and that I am the only one not agreeing for her to participate. She went further to say it just something of fun that what is the big deal for me? I was perplexed at all she said and left to wonder what kinda relationship she was having with her bosses that made her suddenly have so much interest in what she wasn't interested in initially, Not even minding losing her boyfriend. I told her her the minute she steps out to contest I will move on and there is no going back on my decision. Of cause she did and it hurts me real bad but Its only a matter of time I am gonna heal. My reason for taking the decision I took are, She doesn't value me enough, she doesn't respect me, another human was ones choosing over me by her and now she is choosing an event over me, a worthless prize worth more to her than her supposed boyfriend. Ones her mind is made up on something whatever I say won't count, at that moment my consent is irrelevant to her, what she has in mind happens to be the ultimate. How do you cope with a girl that never says sorry? Not for ones have I ever heard her apologise for any wrong she did even when you catch her in the act. She rather trade blames and draw your attention to similar scenarios that have happened in the past rather than say a simple harmless word or statement "I am sorry". A woman that truly loves you will value your say much more than what everyone would say. She would be willing to do everything within her power to please you, to sustain the relationship and also win your heart rather than always easily accepting to forfeit her relationship with you for irrelevant and worthless things. I miss her and will miss her.