We all should be fighting for credible elections in Nigeria rather than good leadership because a credible election will solve all of our problems. #Fight a good Fight Nigeria ELECTION PROPOSAL FOR 2023 1. Make a Polling Unit Machine (PUM) like ATM that can accept PVC and it’s not dependent on the Polling Units so you can vote from any Machine nearest to you. Not as big as ATM though. 2. Slot in your PVC; accredit yourself by scanning your thumb. 3. The PUM validates the PVC for single vote and then detect the PVC Polling Unit. 4. Displays the Election for that day or possibly all elections on the same day. 5. Displays the logo of all registered parties. 6. You tap the logo of the party you intend to vote for 7. You get notified. 8. INEC is notified. 9. The selected party’s vote increases by 1 10. A general display of total result as voters continues to vote. 11. Once INEC shutdown voting the machine displays its results. *NO NEED FOR:* 1. Collation Officers 2. Returning Officers 3. Armed Personnel 4. Election materials (sensitive and non-sensitive) 5. Lost of lives especially Corps Members and other citizens 6. Ballot Boxes 7. Burning of Ballot Boxes Every PVC is registered to a Polling Unit so if a Polling Unit Machine is hijacked or burnt, other polling unit machine can be used and PUM will just detect the PVC and assign the vote to the damaged machine.