Next Level Of No Change

The previous government introduced a semi digitalized voting system that brought about free and fair elections in 2015 atleast to some extent. An election that saw a change of democratic power for the very first time in the country without hitch. For the last four years the new government that promised change could not work on the gains of their predecessors to ensure credible election in the nation whereas huge sums of money was budgeted for the so called forthcoming election. The most populous black nation in the world, the self acclaimed giants of Africa in the 21st century still vote manually, carry ballot papers and boxes to travel several miles to the final collation centre. A country that can abduct from foreign countries telecommunications, digital banking, cashless policies, digitalize NEPA bill payment, Even JAMB exam is digitalized and results are seen almost same day cannot or has deliberately refused to digitalize it's voting system which could save not just lives but also resources and time, and even increase participation from the masses in electioneering, it could also bring about drastic reduction election malpractice. They have decided to stick with status quo because it is more benefecial to them afterall they care less for the masses. it's time for a new fight Nigerians. We do not want good leadership anymore instead we want credible free and fair elections. Digitalize the voting system and let us choose for ourselves good leadership. #digitalvoting