How I almost got raped

My name is Eniola and I am 22. In October this year, a friend of mine invited me to his birthday party. Initially I declined as I am not the type that likes attending parties but he was quite persuasive which made me to oblige eventually. Unknown to me that it was gonna turn out an ordeal. My friends birthday was on a Saturday. The previous night we started the party at a club. Of cause it was fun but I was constantly disturbed by my friends elder brother as he was claiming he likes me and would like us to have a thing. Every now and then in the club he would come to dance with me in an aggressive manner pretending to be drunk. I kept on pushing him away angrily and keeping my distance. clubbing got to an end and we all went to our various home although the party wasn't over yet. The next stop was the beach (elegushi beach lekki). I had as much fun as I could. It was a well organised birthday party. The party spoiler for me was also around the celebrants brother trying to woo me rather get a piece of me but This time I avoided him completely. He noticed and started playing nice. He even bought me chicken and ice cream. The party was over and we embarked on our journey home. it was a rental bus that took us to the beach and same bus was to take us back home. it was another day of mad traffic and up until 1:00am in the morning we were still in traffic and there was no way I could have made it home that late even though i really wanted to. It was just too risky for a lady to walk alone at that time of the night, atleast not in a place like Lagos. The celebrant insisted I follow him to their family house as every other person in the bus was going to spend the rest of the night in their family house. I had no choice. we got to the house and it was a 3 bedroom flat. Both brothers live in the house alone, they both had their separate rooms. The celebrant slept join his room with his guy friends and the other girls, about 4 of them slept in the visitors room. I did not get to mingle with the other girls because I noticed they were gossiping too much and having discussions I did not find interesting so I decided to stay in the living room and sleep on the couch. The celebrants brother known as Tayo saw me lying on the couch and offered that I sleep in his room that he was going to sleep on the couch instead. I didn't realise that Tayo had plans for me. I guess he thought the chicken and ice cream he bought for me was his payment for my body. I happen to be a light sleeper, the room was comfortable and due to the fact I was very tired of the days activity i slept off soon enough. Not long later, I noticed a hand moving on my body, I jumped up and screamed because the room was dark and I was so frightened. Before sleeping I delibrately left the light on. I thought to myself "What is going on here", Tayo said keep quiet no 1 will hear you. That minute I knew I was about to be raped by Tayo. MOGBE!!! I HABE ENTERED ONE CHANCE. Who sent me to attend birthday party. I just didn't like the guy, he wasn't even my type, a smoker and a drunk. I knew I had to fight and scream my way out of this. Before I could say Jack, Tayo punched me 3 times on my face and even bit me. I struggled with him, scratched his face and also punched him as I was a very good fighter in my secondary school days. As he was trying to get his way I was also screaming and fighting back not knowing he locked the door as soon as he entered the room. His brother and the other guest in the other rooms woke up and started hitting on the door. My voice became louder as I was shouting "he wants to rape me oooooooo". He eventually relented knowing he has been caught. I ran straight to the door, opened it and ran out. His younger brother the celebrant confronted him for treating his guest in that manner. Tayo beat up his brother, and sent everyone out of the house. I went to hide outside the compound as I waited for a safe time to start heading home. The celebrant and the other girls looked for me and apologised for what had happened. I didn't care about the mosquito that was biting me I made sure to stay out u til 4:00am that I left for my house. I got home that day with a black eye and my eyes did not heal until a month. I will never forget this day and I am sure not going to forgive Tayo for what he did. my revenge is imminent. Even if a pastor says forgive the guy that offended you sometime back, when I have money I will get soldiers or the JTF to beat him to stupor until am satisfied befor i will forgive him and then ask God to forgive me. Sometimes I wish I know a babalawo that can send missiles to him not to kill him though but just to punish him for what he did to me.