Heartbroken in silence

It Hurts, it really does hurt so bad. I hate this feeling. I knew what I was getting into and I tried my best not to fall in love but the truth is along as you get involved with a woman regularly you tend to have little or no control of your feelings for her. The worse part is that you won't even get to realise it until you start losing her. She would call me severally each day, chat me up as often as possible and also care enough to know my every move. She was willing to spend every other day with me, in my arms, on my bed, kissing, cuddling, making love and waking up in each others arms. But now I wait endlessly for her call that never comes, not even Hi on WhatsApp even though she is seen all trough the day online. She is no longer interested in coming over anymore, I long for her so badly, I never thought I was so much in love with her. She brought joy into my life, she made the last one year of my life eventful. The experiences we had, the moments we shared together all of those memories I can never forget. Pretence is all I can give right now even though I know I am terribly hurt within but what else can I do? Heartbreak is a part of life. We give some sometimes and we get it in return other times. I wish it never came to this point but it is what it is. Have been going through so much pain I had to say something atleast that is what this site is all about. I feel a little bit relieved though. I have been so lonely, bored and sad. I know am eventually going to get over it all but for now each day feels like 48 hours rather than 24. I miss you so much And I still do love you (G) even though you don't love me anymore.