I wish I can hate my dad

I am from a polygamus home, i finally got married and was free from the sorrows and pains that comes with living with my father. Even after enduring growing up and becoming an adult living with my dad and watching him day after day maltreating my mum, disrespecting her in our presence, embarrassing her in public, using her like she is his an house help and even regarding her children as useless and worthless, my father still finds a way to cause me pain and sorrow. I just could not stop crying when the man I called father called me to say I should come home and talk to my mum to dress well. That she dresses like she is the poorest person in the world. He even said his visitors ask if my mother is a nany in the house? The way he said it and had to call me severally that day repeating same thing and saying hurtful words was what pained me the most. This is same man that left my mum to cater for her children all by herself. I know she has never been a fashion person but there are a lot better ways to say such to a woman's child. I really do regret having such a man as my father.