Do not urinate here (part 1)

My first hand experience of Lagos Johnny just come. I have always wanted to own a PlayStation and eventually when I had the money to buy one, I asked my brother to go with me to Ikeja computer village being that am new on Lagos and I have heard numerous stories of fraud and cases of being duped. Well buying the PlayStation is not actually the story so am going to skip all of that not to bore you. We got the item and my brother had to go to work so he gave me directions on how to get home. Before leaving the house that day I drank alot of water and I was already feeling pressed right from when we got to the village but i held it and was hoping I could hold it till I got back home. As at the time I got to Ikeja along bus stop where I was to board a bus, I saw a standing wall that seemed to be a good spot to ease myself. I rushed towards the lonely standing wall and quickly zipped down to ease myself not minding the sight of excreter and the smell emanating from the surrounding. I was lost in the pleasure derived from the relief as I could have urinated on myself if I had dared to hold it back till I got home. As I was finishing, a tall dark lanky guy put his hand on my shoulder and said to me "Guy you know say dem nor they piss here abi"? I was like what do you mean by that abi nor be piss and shit full everywhere so? He then said "oya read wetin dem write there(On the wall). I raised my head and saw boldly written on the wall "DO NOT URINATE HERE FINE NGN10,000". I panicked and said to myself ' what kind of rubbish is this one now'. There were two other guys coming to urinate at thesame spot at the time and he stopped them that it is not allowed that a public toilet has been provided in the area already. He then pointed to the directions some police officers were sitting and said to me that for this offence he is to take me to the police officers and I will be in custody until I pay the fine but that If I agree to sort him he won't take me there and he is going to let me go. I was glad to hear that there is a quick solution out of the situation so I asked him how much am to pay. He said instead of the 10k I should give him 5k. I told him I don't have 5k but I can give him 2k of which he agreed to collect and as soon as I gave him the money he left me and started shouting "Ope oooo" Which means thank God in Yoruba. I realised I have been fooled by him but as at the time 2k wasn't my problem. I felt bad though realising that I have been duped and that i didn't have to give him any money at all or possibly give him as low as NGN500 but I was happier to head home because i was in possession of the newly bought PlayStation which cost alot. That same day on my way home, something else happend. Find out in part two.