Do not urinate here (part 2)

On that same day, if you still remember what transpired in part 1 of this story, I entered a bus going towards my direction with the bitterness in my heart that I have been played a fast one on. You know how one would need to board several buses, keke and bike before you get to your final destination. So I had to make a first stop on the highway at a bus stop and cross the highway to the other side. As at this time, don't forget that I was still carrying the brand new PlayStation 3 I just bought. We got to the bus stop and I had to cross the road, and as soon as the road was free I crossed to the middle of the highway. Immediately I did this something strange happened. There was a pedestrian bridge just above me but I paid little or no attention to it as I attempted crossing. Immediately I got to the middle of the road people on both sides of the road and those using the pedestrian bridge all shouted at the same time "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"............I wasn't sure what was going on but I sensed that I was the reason people were shouting. I looked around and also looked up and noticed that they were all staring at me and also pointing their fingers. At that moment, i recalled that in Lagos there is a task force assigned to arrest those that won't use the pedestrian bridge. This all happened in split seconds and I ran back as fast as I could before I ended up being arrested after the first ordeal of the day. I made use of the pedestrian bridge and I was so so grateful to all of the passer by that hinted me on that day. I got home that day and was thankful because the whole day would have been a mess for me and who knows if the new PlayStation I bought would gotten home with me.