Bitten by Ants

Hi guys! I just want to share my ant experience with y'all don't mind my American accent. In 200level I had to go stay with a stranger due to economic situation. Roommie didn't turn out bad afterall and the crib was quite comfortable but the room had a problem of ant infestation and the worse part is that they had their colony somewhere around the bed area. On several occasions I got bitten by the ants maybe one or two sting but, I think to them it seemed though that I wasn't learning my lesson to stay clear from their territory. On this particular night, am sure in their village meeting that was held that day, I was the topic of the day. I slept peacefully when it was bed time not knowing there was war coming my way from the ant kingdom. In the middle of the night I woke up and was filling like I was on fire. I had been stung multiple times all over my body. I just couldn't bare the pain, I started scratching like a mad person, this sort of experience I have never had, it was terrible. I could not scream because it was late in the night and i did not want to wake up my roommie aswell. I knew I had to do something about the sting and so I got hold of aboniki balm and applied it all over my body to ease the pain. I had to sleep on the couch that night till the morning. All through my stay in that crib my roommie always slept on the floor and I had no idea why. After my bitter experience with the ant I concluded that he must have been aware of the ant infestation around the bed. I fought back the next day with the help of sniper insecticide and that was the last I heard of the ant colony until I moved out of that house.